Apartment Tour

Welcome to our small, cozy apartment!

Although our 800 sq. foot apartment is fairly small (especially when you've got a walking 1 year old instead of a crawling one), it seems to suite us and is probably enough room for us.....for now :)

The first room I will show you, is the Master Bedroom. It is probably my second favorite room, next to the living room. There is so much light that comes pouring in from those two windows in the morning and then around the early evening when the sun is just setting. I love how airy it gets, especially in the Summers when the windows are open and we can get some fresh air in here! 

Master Bedroom

You will notice that we don't have much in our room as far as furniture, we like to keep things simple, minimal.

The wall opposite of the windows, house our two, very cozy sized closets. Both look the same on the inside as far as layout goes, but I will show you mine, as I am fairly happy with it's current state. 

Yes, it is a bit crowded, what with all the handbags on the hook and all, but I wish I would've taken a before and after photo for you, then you'd really be surprised! I used a hanging shoe organizer to store all of my shoes. This is definitely on my list of 'to-do's' as I am not too happy with the clutter, but I love the concept in the small space.

 Most of my clothes are in our lone dresser, the only clothes I have in the closet are blouses, dresses, and some out of season coats and sweaters which are stored in the basket on the floor.

On the high shelf, are my tall boots and rain boots. In that clear bin I have swimsuits, my comfy bath robe and some rarely worn sweaters.

Ok, so before we head out of the Master Bedroom, I have to show you this cute little laundry basket...well, really it can be made into whatever you want! But how cute is it?? I love how it has a cloth lining so the basket material won't chip into the clothes and it just makes it look so much more than a laundry basket.

Eventually, when we have an actual laundry room, I will get some laundry baskets, and reuse this one for something else like storing our son's toys in the playroom or storing blankets.

From the Master bedroom we'll go into the kitchen just to the left of the master bedroom down the short, almost non-existent hallway.

Unfortunately, we don't get any natural light in the kitchen, due to having no windows. Just your lovely standard issue harsh fluorescent light. The landlord was nice enough to let us paint and change the hardware on the kitchen cabinets. We even got rent taken off for the cost of materials! So, if you are renting a home or an apartment, be sure to ask if they have a system where you can either get reimbursed for the supplies to do the project or a reduction in that month's rent cost. 
Doesn't hurt to ask! 

The Kitchen

So when you first walk in, the door directly ahead leads out to the garage. It is fairly small, and you can't exactly have two people in there at one time without getting in each other's way. But, I think painting the cabinets really opened it up and made it pretty bright. 

The wire baker's rack is such a space saver! Kind of gives off a little cozy industrial vibe. Luckily we were able to have just enough space for the dishwasher to fully open without having to move the rack. The top shelf  holds this owl cookie jar my sister in law gave me for my birthday. It really adds a little pop of color to the kitchen. Don't you think?

 Also on the top shelf, we use a bread pan to corral all of our keys, sunglasses and things we can grab on our way out the door. Our microwave is pretty huge, so no question it was going on here to spare valuable counter space. Below that, our big appliances are lined up and at arm's reach when we need them. The bottom shelf has cubes that hold our handheld mixer beaters, kitchen towels and some place mats.

Here is our cute little stove. Many meals have been cooked in here, however, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner are will not be one of them; due to how long it would take to cook everything in this little baby! 

The only thing you will really find taking up any space on the countertop is the coffee station. All we did was take a pretty little tray and put everything right on top. Also comes in handy when you want to move everything out of the way at once. I wanted it to look very clean and not cluttered, so I only opted to have one package of sweetener and the rest in this repurposed Yankee Candle jar. I love them because they have that airtight seal on them that keeps everything fresh.

Under the cabinets near the baker's rack, is a hanging pot rack that has saved us a ton of space in the cabinets.

Over to the sink now. We used a bathroom caddy to put our wet sponges on to allow them to dry better. It also keeps the sink free of clutter. We also put some of our larger, less used cooking utensils and tools over the sink to, again, free up space. 

So, that is pretty much our kitchen. Pretty cozy huh? 


The bathroom is probably my least favorite room in the apartment. The tile's color, harsh lighting and small space, not to mention the lack of windows....there aren't any! 

I do like the fact it has pretty much all new appliances. The vanity is very nice and has a ton of space to hold all of the bathroom necessities, which I will not show because that cabinet is a disaster at the moment. But, a before and after will be around soon, promise!

The only thing we have on the sink are a soap dispenser, to go along with the bright yellow theme and gold spray painted makeup brush holder (its actually a glass tumbler I spray painted with gold paint and Chia Seeds. Also used the seeds to hold the brushes in place!)

In the shower, I didn't want to have everything in the different corners of  the shower, (you know what I'm talking about) so I used a basket we already owned to gather up all the shampoos, conditioners and body washes as well as some bath toys. I definitely want to get another one so the toys won't have to be stuck where they are now. Again, for another post.

On the shower wall, we put up an anti -fog mirror, that so happened to have hooks! Hooray! 
 So, the rest of our loofahs, brushes and cloths hang there to free up the one towel rack we have.

Which brings us to the back of the bathroom door. Where we put a clothes rack to maximize space for towels to hang. 

The Linen Closet

Ok, so this is basically our entire hallway. Can you see the light from the bathroom to the left? Yea, that's how small this hallway is. 

And this is our tiny, narrow linen closet. Yes, it is a work in progress. For starters I wish the shelves weren't spaced so far apart and the vacuum does take up 
a lot of room. With it being a rental, there's a chance I will be able to make at least a minor change to accommodate our needs. 

One thing I would really like to do, is find a better way to store the sheets and pillowcases. At the moment, we are currently folding the sheets and putting them into the pillowcases. Back to the drawing board on that one...

The Boy's Room

Well, here we are in the little guy's room. Very simple and minimal, just like the Master Bedroom.  A crib, dresser and diaper genie make up the room. Of course there are some little toys spread throughout the floor at the moment, but they're out of view.

The french provincial dresser was converted into a changing table and  painted by my lovely, artsy mother in law. She used to be a painter, so no doubt I was going to love what she did with the dresser. Its a hand me down, made of solid wood, so I have a feeling it will be in the family for awhile.

We originally wanted the theme for his room to be turquoise, yellow and white, but we never got around to painting the walls, so we relied on the crib and dresser to bring in the brightness of white and (hopefully soon) a rug in maybe yellow or turquoise to bring in some color. For now, colorful crib bedding will suffice and this cute little laundry basket.

Now, the most dreaded space, the closet. Sigh. Now, go easy on me, a year is a long time and in said time, a lot of things, especially for babies can accumulate. So, here it is, the closet of everything! Clothes, air mattress, linens, baby swing, the list goes on! I will eventually get around to purging some of these things out, but, in the mean time, this is the state of it. I just try to keep it closed and pretend it's not there. Ha!

We will end the tour in my most favorite room in the apartment. The living room! It's just as bright, if not brighter than the Master Bedroom. It gets so much sunlight. Not to mention it's the biggest space in the apartment. This is where we all spend the most time.

Again, you will notice that we do not have much furniture in here.
 The dining area is the little corner to the left as you enter the room.  A fairly small table with four chairs. A bookcase, chair and an entertainment console.

Recently, I discovered one of those cable cords that come up from the carpet and the little guy was fascinated by it every day, so I had to cover it somehow. Enter, our old ottoman. So, I decided to create a little seating area with the dining chairs. Also, gave a nice storage option for our cozy blankets to stay while not in use.

From there, we have a little mini baker's rack that holds extra books, our printer and a Turkish lamp that will have another home within the cozy abode very soon! 

Next to that, in between the tv console and baker's rack is a toy box full of all of the little guy's toys of course! My husband and I actually made this one ourselves! 

Well, that's the tour! I hope you enjoyed seeing our cozy little home! I had a blast taking these pictures! Make sure to check back for more posts of the apartment, as some changes will be made very soon!

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