20 August 2015

Hope you're having a good Thursday! I know I've missed the last two Wish Board Wednesdays, but I figured I'd put in some organizing work to show you today to make up for it! I'm forgiven? Awesome! Now, let's move on to the post! :)

Ok, so if you read my kitchen before and after post, you will know that my husband and I painted our kitchen cabinets. Yes, it did brighten up the kitchen quite a bit. But we've been harbouring a deep, dark secret......the cabinets underneath the sink! The pipes were leaking so we didn't bother with them at all, except for the doors. So just this morning, after I dropped the hubby off at his classes and the little guy was napping, I got to work!

Here is what it looked like before. Dark, damp and dirty. I looked for any excuse not to have to grab something in there when it came time to clean up.

The process was actually pretty exciting for me! I was of course excited to see the end result, but I also enjoyed shopping the kitchen for various items I could use to hold different things. Like this peanuts' container, that now houses our dishwashing detergent pods.

This vase and spaghetti sauce jar hold our trash bags

 and then the dishwashing detergent container now holds the grocery bags we use as trash bags as

In the way back left, I put all of our bathroom cleaning supplies.

 In the back right, there's a little bin, (similar to the ones in the linen closet) that holds all the doggy bath stuff.

If you've taken a glance at the Apartment Tour, you'll remember I used this little bathroom caddy to hold all of our sponges, scrubbers and rags on the wall, next to the sink. Now, it looks a lot better with it being down here, there's less clutter. It's handy for holding sponges, dishwashing gloves and dish soap.

So, there it is! I am very pleased with what could be done to make it an organized space without much work or spending any money! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Once again, a before and after.

I would love to see what your under the kitchen sink area looks like! Be sure to share them in the comments below!

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