01 August 2015

A DIY Story: Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

TGI Saturday!!

Today I am posting my first DIY to the  Chaotic Classiness blog!! Yay!

This was kind of an "in a pinch" DIY and I figured I'd get some pictures on here and show you how I did it. 

The first place I got the idea from was Pinterest (of course!) But I came across a great post by LoveGrowsWild here. Normally these kinds of things aren't really my style so, eventually I will spruce the jar up with a little bit of paint to make it more me. Isn't that what makes DIYing so great? Instead of purchasing things at the store and not really finding your style, but settling for what's there, you can make it your own the first time around! 

Ok, so now that you get the idea of what I am talking about, let me show you how I made ours. 

It's pretty quick, cost effective and super easy!

Let's get started!

Here are things you'll need to make the soap dispenser:

Now, this is an optional step. I drew a dot just as a guide of where I wanted the dispenser pump to go. That way I wasn't poking holes all over the lid.

Then I used a thumbtack and that multi tool you saw in the previous picture to carve out a snug little space for the pump to be inserted. Tip: You don't want the hole to be too big, the pump will be better secured if you have to force it a little. 

Lastly, I inserted the pump into the lid, assembled the rim onto the lid, put the lid on the jar and...

(Tip: You can also put superglue on it to hold it together. I didn't because I plan on painting the lid and etcetera. Which I will post very soon!!)

I hope you enjoyed this mini DIY! More to come very soon!!!

Share some little DIY projects you've done in the comments below!

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