09 July 2015

Inspirational Top 5: Light & Airy Bedrooms 

I have been inspired by many a post on Pinterest! Then again, who hasn't?!? And with it being so warm out lately, the natural sunlight has been just begging me to lighten up our space! I wanted to I share my Top 5  inspiring spaces (mostly bedrooms) that I have found. These rooms have inspired me to get some plans for our Master Bedroom together. 
I'm thinking light, white, bright and airy....

The first room I came across was this one! I love how light it is. Very clean and simple. A true minimal look. I would love to accent all of the white with a grey or an aqua throw or duvet. The fresh flowers are a very nice touch too, I think I'd use some kind of gold for the vases just to break up all of the white.

Now this room is the epitome of what I would love for our Master Bedroom to look like. Subtle pops of grey, lots of sunlight coming through airy, sheer curtains and little pops of color around.
 Oh, did you see those lovely sconces next to the bed? Definitely a want. But we've got some beside lamps that I have some great plans for.

Source: {Lily All Sorts}

Definitely loving the pops of color in this room! We hardly have any wall art in our room and that bench at the foot of the bed is absolutely gorgeous! 

Source: {Style Me Pretty}

Loving the greys in this one! Especially with the sunlight against the greys and whites in this room. Again, would need a little pop of color here and there, but this is definitely what I am after.

Okay, last one. I love this room! So much to look at, without feeling overwhelmed because of how light and bright it is! The greys, white, and gold really make the room feel light but also cozy. 

christmas master bedroom

Do you search through tons of inspirational posts and articles before you start a project? Or do you just  jump right in and whatever happens, happens? 

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