24 July 2015

DIY Command Center

Small Apartment Edition

Happy Friday!!!!

So, I've been delving into the never ending world, that is Pinterest! When am I ever not?! I was  searching through tons and tons of inspiration for making a mini Command Center in our tiny kitchen. We have this lovely blank wall to work with. 

Look at the potential in the plans below!!! Unfortunately, I do not have the funds to support my big command center dreams right now, so I will settle for a mini Command Center in the meantime! 

Enter, the blank space on the side of the fridge. I had to really go digging to find some inspiration, as again, not much to work with in terms of decor to beautify the command center and not just make it 

First,  I will share a few of the ones I've come across that really inspired me and helped me to shape our mini- command center into what it is today! 

All of those were great, but pretty shelves, cute folders and sharp boards aren't exactly in my budget right now.
With that being said, I definitely had to improvise! 

Here is our mini-command center!

Now,  I will show you the before first, because who doesn't like a before and after picture, right? 

Pretty drab. Your typical, boring, fridge with a few tacky magnets sprinkled near some photo prints of family, that, in my opinion will always deserve the best presentation when being shown off. 

Before I show you the after, please keep in mind, I did not spend any money on any of the supplies I used. Everything was already in the house so, as I said, I improvised.

Ok, so not a huge change, but I will tell you that I anticipate a big impact on our weekly and daily organization process from this little space.

Now for the details!

We had everything lying around the house so I didn't have to run out and purchase anything.
The first thing that I knew I wanted to incorporate into the space was the whiteboard. We have had it for awhile and the frame broke off so I decided to use some washi tape to border it and add a little something to it.

I also used pink washi tape to divide the board from the pictures' section.

The next thing I used to make this area a little more fun, were cupcake liners! Yes! Those are the bottoms of cupcake liners that weren't being used, so here they are! I think the patterns and turquoise add a lot more pizzazz to the space.

Last, but definitely not least, since we didn't have another board, we just decided that having a list for groceries would be best well, where groceries usually are, the fridge! It's just washable marker and comes off easily with any moist wipe or water and a cloth.

Well, there is our mini CC in our tiny kitchen! There are some really fancy, great, functional command centers out there, but until you can get to that, try something like this!
 I hope these tips inspire you to make your own if you have a tiny space, even if it's not in the kitchen! 

Til next post!


  1. Such a great way to use an often overlooked area. Love the addition of the washi and cupcake liners! :) xo!