16 July 2015

An Organizing Story: The Linen Closet

Finally back! From vacation that is. And ready to get to organizing, DIYing and redoing! Before I could do any of that, there was one task that had been on my Chaotic To Do List for quite some time now.....the linen closet! That has always been a huge annoyance for us. Too small or maybe just the right size but manages to be a catch all for everything that doesn't really belong anywhere specific. As you can see on the before picture, its pretty cluttered, dark, and in complete disarray! So, let's get started!

First, I cleared everything out and wiped down the whole closet, shelves and all. I used a damp microfiber cloth to get any dust.

Then, I wanted to brighten it up a bit. With us living in an apartment, we're kinda stuck with the standard white walls. I just punched it up a notch and used the same white we used on the inside of our kitchen cabinets. {Valspar's Summer Gray}. 


                      The shelves were removable (luckily) and were able to be painted separately.

Before I even started the process, I knew that I wanted to get some storage baskets or bins, so I wanted to make sure the ones I had in mind would be able to fit.

While the paint dried, I went to the Dollar Tree to pick up some storage baskets. Let me tell you, with the great variety of styles and colors they had, the baskets were sure to brighten up the space. So, back with a few supplies in hand for the linen closet and other rooms (which will be shared in another post later) I was ready to restock the shelves!

I started by refolding all of the towels and sheets. The sheets could still use a little work, but I am just happy to have them all fit in there for now!

I threw out any expired items that may have been in there like medicine or lotions, etc.

Took out irrelevant items that may have belonged elsewhere in the house.

What I was left with were air fresheners, first aid stuff and an iron. All of that went into their own separate bin (with the exception of the iron of course). I tried not to make it appear too cluttered by putting a few items in the bathroom under the sink, which you will see in the next post. So, for now, enjoy the Before and After of the Linen Closet! I know I definitely am!

There's not a major difference, nor is it really dramatic but for me, I cannot stop looking at it! It's definitely alot more simple and empty than anything I'm used to. It'll be a lot easier to find things now! You will notice through out my posts, I am not much of a labeler. We just grab the basket, and usually what we need, is in that basket! But now, it looks a lot more neat and less overwhelming when you open the closet. Not to mention the bright colorful baskets!

What do you use to corral things in the linen closet? Do you prefer to use clear bins, canvas bins or baskets?

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