29 July 2015

An Organization Story: The Medicine Cabinet

Happy Friday!!!

Lately I have been on a roll! I have organized our linen closet, our bathroom under the sink area and now, our medicine cabinet! I had been really wanting to tackle this, because it was such a mess! I feel like I don't really need to explain anything...so...without further delay...here is the before picture! 

Did you see it?! Yea, it was bad. So here's what I did tidy it up.

All of our dental needs (i.e. floss, toothpastes and toothbrushes, all but the baby's) were put into one of the bins in the linen closet. That took out the bulk of what was in the cabinet. 

I added my makeup tumbler on the bottom shelf with my makeup bag, which fits perfectly. The other two shelves are pretty bare. The little guy's toothbrush and some other miscellaneous items. And all of the Qtips fit right into that cute little mason jar! I was pretty excited!

Well, it was a short post, but there you have it! The key here, was to make it so that everything was in a place (either the medicine cabinet or under the sink) and not on the sink. 

What do you use to organize your medicine cabinets? Better yet, if you don't have an under the sink area or medicine cabinet, what do you use for bathroom storage? 

Share your comments below!!


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