26 July 2015

A Redecorating Story: The Bedroom Chair

Well hello hello hello! And happy Sunday! Almost another new week! "But, it's almost Monday..." I know but Sundays are one of my favorite days of the week because it marks a new, fresh beginning to yet another lovely week ahead! Sundays in our house are chaotic, fun and relaxing! Yes, all of those at once. Getting my husband ready for classes, our son ready for play dates and trips to the park and well, I just enjoy getting all of these things done! Maybe try to scope out a nice book to start this week. Speaking of the weekend, I hope yours was relaxing and fun filled! The husband and I spent the weekend playing with the little guy, but when nap time came, we were busy doing laundry, dishes, you name it! We also ended up getting a free chair from Craigslist to have in the living room. Which we were pretty excited about. It's the little things in life, isn't it? So, where did the chair in the living room go? In our bedroom! I recovered it thinking that would suffice for now until I was able to get enough saved up to make something for it. It's been nice having it in there. It can be a catch all if you're not careful. Clothes, toys, even electronics can and will pile up on that chair if you let it! So, it may sound silly, but, here are a few tips when you decide to put an arm chair or any chair for that matter into your bedroom:


Assess the space in the bedroom and the size of the chair. Will it fit in the room? Does it look right? 


Determine how and what you will be using it for. What will be the main function and purpose of the chair? For us, I like to get some work done on my computer while the boys hang out in the living room playing and watching tv. The best lighting comes from the windows in our room also, so I like to sit there and work on my laptop or read. I do admit, I will use it to fold laundry, but, I do put the laundry away as soon as I am done. I think the most that has touched that chair since we've moved it has been a few throws and pillows...which stay on there. 


Now, I do feel awful for saying this (sorry to my mom in law) because it was her chair. I am sure at some point, or another, the chair's upholstery looked lovely, but if you remember looking at the Apartment Tour, you remember seeing the ugly armchair. *sigh* yes, that fabric has seen its days. Not to mention the rips in it. But, on a good note, the bones of it are really good! So, enter, the fitted sheet makeshift slip cover. Temporary fix, but it's a lot more easier on the eyes. Especially since it is the first thing we seen upon waking up in the AM. So make sure that chair is bea-u-tiful!


This kinda ties into the pretty factor, but I do want to mention that there is such a thing as over decorating. Now, I am not and do not claim to be an expert, but I've realized that something can be comfy without having a thousand throw blankets and pillows on it. And trust me, it is just as inviting visually too. Now, you will notice that the chair in our room is very, well neutral and doesn't have much color. Eventually, I would like to get a nice slipcover or something that'll serve as a pop of color to kinda accent all of the beige.


Last, but certainly not least, personalize! Make it your own! Base it on your own personal style, your room's style. The possibilities are endless! And if you do have a partner, be sure to ask their opinion. And if they say no altogether, maybe you can compromise and keep it elsewhere in the house.....the living room perhaps? ;)

Of course, these are just suggestions :) 

Do you like the idea of having additional seating in your Master Bedroom? How would or did you arrange your chair? 



  1. Thanks for this, just moved house so trying to get all the decor and furnishing sorted out!
    Aleeha from HALE, xXx

    1. Hey Aleeha!

      Glad I could help out!:) Moving to a new place can be fun and exciting! Good luck with redecorating your space!