28 August 2015

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20 August 2015

Hope you're having a good Thursday! I know I've missed the last two Wish Board Wednesdays, but I figured I'd put in some organizing work to show you today to make up for it! I'm forgiven? Awesome! Now, let's move on to the post! :)

Ok, so if you read my kitchen before and after post, you will know that my husband and I painted our kitchen cabinets. Yes, it did brighten up the kitchen quite a bit. But we've been harbouring a deep, dark secret......the cabinets underneath the sink! The pipes were leaking so we didn't bother with them at all, except for the doors. So just this morning, after I dropped the hubby off at his classes and the little guy was napping, I got to work!

Here is what it looked like before. Dark, damp and dirty. I looked for any excuse not to have to grab something in there when it came time to clean up.

The process was actually pretty exciting for me! I was of course excited to see the end result, but I also enjoyed shopping the kitchen for various items I could use to hold different things. Like this peanuts' container, that now houses our dishwashing detergent pods.

This vase and spaghetti sauce jar hold our trash bags

 and then the dishwashing detergent container now holds the grocery bags we use as trash bags as

In the way back left, I put all of our bathroom cleaning supplies.

 In the back right, there's a little bin, (similar to the ones in the linen closet) that holds all the doggy bath stuff.

If you've taken a glance at the Apartment Tour, you'll remember I used this little bathroom caddy to hold all of our sponges, scrubbers and rags on the wall, next to the sink. Now, it looks a lot better with it being down here, there's less clutter. It's handy for holding sponges, dishwashing gloves and dish soap.

So, there it is! I am very pleased with what could be done to make it an organized space without much work or spending any money! Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Once again, a before and after.

I would love to see what your under the kitchen sink area looks like! Be sure to share them in the comments below!

05 August 2015


Have you ever looked at a catalogue or online store and thought, "Hm, wish I had this...?" or "this would go great with the table I have at home already?"  Well I do it all the time! So, I came up with Wishboard Wednesdays! 

Every Wednesday I will be sharing with you a new wish board that may be full of items from furniture I would like to purchase or DIY eventually, to recipes I want to cook someday! There may be some clothes and books sprinkled in for you fashionistas and bookworms out there!

So let's go ahead and get started!

Today, I am sharing a board that inspires the style I'd like for our dream Master Bedroom. I have been eyeing a lot of things to lighten and brighten our space.
Which you can read about in my Inspirational Top 5:  Light & Airy Bedrooms  post.

Main Foundation

From left to right: Mirror (Joss & Main) Comforter Set,(Target)  Dresser, (Joss & Main) Accent  Pillow (top) (Joss & Main)  accent pillow (bottom) (Joss & Main)
Chair (Joss & Main) Ottoman (Joss & Main) Coral Pillow (Joss & Main) Night Stand (Joss & Main)

I also wanted to keep in mind that my husband probably wouldn't want too much of a feminine touch (ahem, sorry ruffle bedding set) everywhere so I agreed that choosing a neutral tone for the foundation would be perfect! It also allows us to add pretty much any color or pattern to accent all of the white and beige in the room.

Of course these aren't the only items I would love to have in our dream room. In my opinion, a bedroom should be a bright, airy oasis to sleep, dream and relax in. That's why I chose to have white furniture with a few accents here and there, like the striped arm chair and beige ottoman. A blank canvas if you will waiting for splashes of color and design!

So below I've added a few accessories that could totally tie the room together!


I hope you got some inspiration!

Feel free to leave a link to your wish boards in the comments 

Items above are from Joss & Main, Target and Ikea and linked to their respective store sites. I was not compensated or sponsored for posting this. I will be posting every Wednesday certain items from various stores simply because I like them! :)

01 August 2015

A DIY Story: Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

TGI Saturday!!

Today I am posting my first DIY to the  Chaotic Classiness blog!! Yay!

This was kind of an "in a pinch" DIY and I figured I'd get some pictures on here and show you how I did it. 

The first place I got the idea from was Pinterest (of course!) But I came across a great post by LoveGrowsWild here. Normally these kinds of things aren't really my style so, eventually I will spruce the jar up with a little bit of paint to make it more me. Isn't that what makes DIYing so great? Instead of purchasing things at the store and not really finding your style, but settling for what's there, you can make it your own the first time around! 

Ok, so now that you get the idea of what I am talking about, let me show you how I made ours. 

It's pretty quick, cost effective and super easy!

Let's get started!

Here are things you'll need to make the soap dispenser:

Now, this is an optional step. I drew a dot just as a guide of where I wanted the dispenser pump to go. That way I wasn't poking holes all over the lid.

Then I used a thumbtack and that multi tool you saw in the previous picture to carve out a snug little space for the pump to be inserted. Tip: You don't want the hole to be too big, the pump will be better secured if you have to force it a little. 

Lastly, I inserted the pump into the lid, assembled the rim onto the lid, put the lid on the jar and...

(Tip: You can also put superglue on it to hold it together. I didn't because I plan on painting the lid and etcetera. Which I will post very soon!!)

I hope you enjoyed this mini DIY! More to come very soon!!!

Share some little DIY projects you've done in the comments below!

29 July 2015

An Organization Story: The Medicine Cabinet

Happy Friday!!!

Lately I have been on a roll! I have organized our linen closet, our bathroom under the sink area and now, our medicine cabinet! I had been really wanting to tackle this, because it was such a mess! I feel like I don't really need to explain anything...so...without further delay...here is the before picture! 

Did you see it?! Yea, it was bad. So here's what I did tidy it up.

All of our dental needs (i.e. floss, toothpastes and toothbrushes, all but the baby's) were put into one of the bins in the linen closet. That took out the bulk of what was in the cabinet. 

I added my makeup tumbler on the bottom shelf with my makeup bag, which fits perfectly. The other two shelves are pretty bare. The little guy's toothbrush and some other miscellaneous items. And all of the Qtips fit right into that cute little mason jar! I was pretty excited!

Well, it was a short post, but there you have it! The key here, was to make it so that everything was in a place (either the medicine cabinet or under the sink) and not on the sink. 

What do you use to organize your medicine cabinets? Better yet, if you don't have an under the sink area or medicine cabinet, what do you use for bathroom storage? 

Share your comments below!!